Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Example of Citizen Initiative and Government Accountability

Trevor Paglen researched and documented the U.S. government involvement in a covert torture operation, and despite denials by the GW Bush administration. The documents in the photos are an example of citizen initiative and government accountability.

If all citizens acted similar Trevor Paglen, what kind of world would we have? What have you done recently to hold a government accountable for its actions and/or non-actions?

These photos were taken at the Perez Museum, Miami.

This photo shows the seventeen documents compiled by Trevor Paglen. These documents are evidence that the GW Bush Administration was involved in covert detention and torture during the U.S. war on terror campaign. The Bush administration denied any involvement in capturing, interrogating, and torturing individuals.   
One of the seventeen documents showing the U.S. government's involvement in a campaign of covert interrogation and torture.

To what extent has Paglen held the U.S. government accountable? Was his method of accountability useful?

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